Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog Intro..

I decided....... I wanted to communicate with The People That Support,are interested in Or have not heard About........ Chargrels Couture! I believe that fashion is Universal, and has a language all it's own! There are so many Fashionista's that show so Much love to Chargrels Couture.

Were a NEW line,that makes 1 of a kind pieces, and has built a reputation for Designing outside the box!... We make clothes for Women who LOVE clothes..Simply put.

On this blog you will be able to share Pictures of you rock'n Chargrels your way, represent your city and state........ and also leave a comment!...

Any who,This blog will be a open dialog for:
~ Beauty secrets.
~Positive vibes... I'm all about GOOD energy,
~and Much Much more...........

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They say, the way you Dress say's SOoOOOooo Much about you..........Let's share!

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