Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gift passed down.......

Growing up with Grace!

My Granny (Grace Glover/Fashion Designer)
wearing a dress she made and designed)

I watched her growing up display Love,strength, and humility. She was supportive,stern yet understanding.When I was younger it was normal for me to see our family and her friends come over and go in the middle room off our living room.At the time I didn't fully understand what was going on in this room,that I wasn't allowed in until I got of age.
She was Creating......They were her clients.........She was a FASHION DESIGNER!

Grace Glover/Fashion designer
wearing a dress she designed and made.

Daily I would hear the roar and Vroooooom of the sewing machine, But it had become part of the sound that made home feel like home. When I was in elementary she would make alllllll my clothes,I especially remember my FAVORITE Little blue jeans she made with the label on my pocket "Made with Love by Granny" which later was turned into a teasing song by a boy in my class...lmbo! Oooohhh I hated that song:(( ...As I got older my teachers would become her clients. They would ask her about my clothes when she picked me up from school
. ,She made all her clothes,Her friends,My Dad's,grandad's uncles suits,her wedding dress,my easter dresses.
As the years went by I would help her out with projects, adding buttons, ripping seams etc....
She bought my 1st sewing machine.....the torch was officially passed down! 

I still have and use her scissors and tapemeasure they are over 50+ years old.
My Granny scissors 50+ years old
I still use till this day!

Now when I sit back and reflect on the gift I was given,I'm more grateful,and thankful knowing that its naturally in my blood. Her mother(My great grandmother) was a Seamstress/Designer.
I was raised around creativity and style
.I was voted weirdest dresser in highschool...(Go figure)...lol
Now what use to be weird  has been renamed----->>Chargrels Couture!

Anybody that knows me,knows how I felt about my granny.
I am who I am because of her
Lucky lil me:)

She has been gone for over 10+ years but it still feels like yesterday.
My heart is ALWAYS full of Love, hope and grace because of you:)

Grace Glover /Fashion Designer
I love and Miss you!

Grateful and Thankful
Charketa Glover /Fashion Designer

Me and my Granny (Grace Glover)
she made my dress.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Char,
I think you did a wonderful job on Project Runway.
I would like some advice, I'm some what a novice to sewing. Sewing is definitely my passion, I do not have the means to go to a designer school to perfect my craft. I'm okay with purchasing DVD's on learning how to sew (specifically from Threads magazine). My goal is to one day become a designer but I'm not sure where or how to begin, how many hours should I commit per week, etc.
What are your suggestions?

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