Tuesday, June 26, 2012

There's No "I" in TEAM! (Backstage Buggy)

I recently showcased my Summer Collection at  the WALK FASHION SHOW  Saturday June 23, 2012 at the Detroit Opera House...It was a Great experience...The audience was PACKED!...The show was loaded with Talented designers and Trendy boutiques...Downtown Detroit was the background and the outside setting was a perfect touch to beautiful breezy  night!

What wasn't seen on the surface is the magic that happened backstage..

  I want to take a minute and acknowledge my AWESOME Team!

1st up:

Stylist Marv Neal

Marv eats breathes and lives FASHION! I meet Marv while out one night years ago...we sparked a convo about fashion of course, and we've been connected ever sense....His eye for detail,color and pattern mixing is SICK! His passion for what he does shines through in his work...

 Marv styled,directed,organized,produced,and coordinated my segment for the Walk Fashion show! Lucky Lil Me:)...hehe
 He is the BEST!
(ohh yeah and he is HILARIOUS!!!
Check him out:
 Blog Twitter  Facebook

Next Up Erica
Assistant/Jewelry Designer/MUA

Erica is hands Down one of the Most talented,Creative  people I know... she does Makeup,Designs jewelry does hair anything that is expressive and artsey she does it...LOL!.

She recently became my assistant, She keeps me organized,on track and adds a extra creative edge to the Chargrels Brand!

(She will be designing some pieces for the Online Boutique soon...so stay tuned:)

Check her out:

And Finally Blake Sims

Blake has been my secret weapon when it comes to major events in my career so far...she is my fit model!
She is also like a little sister to me:)....Blake has a background in fashion attending International Academy of design in Troy Michigan.  She's Uber Styish ,Funky and has fashion OOzing out of her blood...
Style comes naturally for her.
She is Most Defiantly a Chargrels FLYGIRL!

Check her out: Facebook

Marv and Erica Backstage.

Me and Erica backstage (Not sure why I have her in a choke hold)...LOL!

There is no "I" in TEAM.

I appreciate you guys more than words can express...

(WalkFashionShow Runway pics coming soon)


Inez said...

Oh no! I missed your show..... :(

Glad to see things went great, and this is such a cute post! Shout out to your fabulous team!

shereeberrie said...

Love love love this blog post... You go Ma Ma.. To think u were talkn about suspending ur blogging. I also like the way u showcased everyone and their talents. There is definitely no I in team... Keep doing ur thing GIRLY.

Chargrels Couture said...

Thank you Inez! Awww no worries:)...ill be posting pics soon of the show


Chargrels Couture said...

Hey Sheree:)...Im so happy I kept it:)...Im a Blog-aholic-now!...lol!
Thanks for your comment..


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