Wednesday, December 19, 2012

And the nominees are....

Ok Soooooo I was nominated as Womens wear Designer of the year by The Fashion Group International Inc of Detroit  2012.

 I was shocked, over whelmed and grateful all at the same time....
When I returned to Detroit from Los Angeles last August....I said a prayer to God. I asked him to show and reveal to me if coming home for a spell was the right thing to do. 
I wanted to rebuild, recharge and repackage Chargrels!

I didn't go home with the trophy but my confirmation was crystal clear.
I will continue to Njoy my journey.

I cant wait to see what God has planned for me in 2013!!
"If u ask me im readyyyyyy" *Alicia Keys Voice)....:)

Grateful and Thankful:)

Let your light shine!
Dress: Dexter dress (available now)

Me and my Fab Plaque...Yayyyyy!

Chargrels Couture design


Flygirl!...Loved her skirt

Fashion stylist: Latrice Delgado-Mason

Flygirl! Trying on 1 of my designs...she wanted to buy it off the  Maniquin 

Me chatting Fashion!

The forum

*After the show we went to Small Plates in Downtown Detroit

The BEST salad of my life!! Pecan Asian salad
Small plates Det/Mi

Me and Nzimiro Oputa from NBC Fashion star
I love his work!...He was sooo cool and cute:)...hee hehe

The After Glow!
My friend Kim, her friends and Nzimiro
Fun times good people!
I had a great time!....Next time i'm taking home the gold!...LOL....Ohhh yeahhh


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Tara said...

This is so wonderful! You are truly blessed and doing great things with more to come!

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