Thursday, March 10, 2011

Breaking the Ice! (intro to interview with Cool-C)


I recently had a Loooonngg Conversation with one of my Dearest friends....We've been friends since 1996 I meet him when I was in hair school, (Yes! I'm a licensed cosmetologist also) I was just a New comer in the Detroit Hair game, But I was fully aware of who he was, I knew he was a world famous hair stylist,I had saw him many times in Hair Magazines, Heard all the buzz, I was even 1 of the many that have stayed to the VERRRRyyyy end of the Legendary Easter Hair Show in Detroit at the State theatre exhausted, tired  and ready to go But KNEW when he came out he was gonna Shut The HOUSE DOWN!!!!..So when he approached me, It kinda Threw me off,I'm like hey I know you!..Your COOL~C!..It was my Final Year in Hair school and we were doing a Hair show  for HAIR WARS Student competition/showcase (everyone gets trophies:)...yayyy...I had just got off stage..I Ripped it!!! (Well I thought I did)..hehe....And he Said.."Hey you did a really Good Job"..He went on to tell me how energetic my show was,and how he liked the styles I did.

 Thru the years we always Remained Friends...I Later had the pleasure Of  Traveling with Cool~C To different cities, Doing platform work with him and BIG Bad D at the Atlanta  Bronner Brothers Hair Convention I've also, worked along side him teaching hands on training classes to  sold out crowds,......  I Even made 2  step by step instructional hair videos (I've since burned them) No i'm!

Our friendship spans over 15yrs+ So i've seen all of His HIGH's And LOW's...Been there to cheer him on in his greatest accomplishments and i've been a Supportive friend in his adversities.

Not many people know I was in the Truck with Cool~C when we had a Roll Over accident in 1999..We were in Toledo Ohio headed to Atlanta to do another show at the Bronner Brothers convention when the driver feel asleep at the wheel........ The Driver and myself walked away with only minor scrapes and bruises but Cool~C had the most injuries.. He fractured his Ulna and Radius on his forearm, and also shattered his thumb, pinkie, and middle finger, Thank GOD these were not life threatening injuries...But for COOL~C there were threatening his Livelihood.......

*After fully recovering  from his injuries, but also being told he may never gain complete usage of his pinkie and thumb fingers, which was an essential part of doing hair, he had to reach within to find new ways of being apart of a industry that he loved so much!...He not only rose to the challenge He Soared!!!!!!

~Hype World Entertainment
~Cool C Hair Academy
~Numerous Hair Salons (Hype Hair,Salon Ice)
~Ice Box Photography
~10 issues of Below Zero Hair Magazine (*NEW issue coming soon) PLUG!
~American Hair Idol (traveled the world over 100,000 in attendance in total)
~1st to ever do a hair show at MGM Grand Casino (Detroit)
~Drama in the Shop Stage Play/ and DVD's
~Cool~C Ice Products by:Perfect Results
~Traveled commentating numerous hair shows/Hype man
~Party Promoter

With great accomplishments come greater challenges....and Cool~C is most definitely not a stranger to challenges Or controversy!
His story is one of BIG Win's and HUGER losses!

When he decided he was ready to shed Old skin and Begin a NEW, I knew this was the Perfect time to set the record straight and tell his story in his own words.
NOW for the 1st Time EVER!...COOL~C will be  doing an EXCLUSIVE sit down NO HOLDS BARRED interview with ME!
Sharing how he got started, What keeps him motivated and also..............The infamous hair show at Cobo Hall........All the Rumors....His hiatus to Chicago and why Detroit will ALWAYS be home!

**Get Ready!!!  NEXT FRI MARCH 11,2011****
Check back here for the EXCLUSIVE Interview!

He is One of the Most recognizable names and faces in the Hair Industry COOL~C

Men lie...Women lie....Numbers Don't!..Jay~Z


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Tara said...

Very exciting...he is certainly someone I admire in this industry!

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