Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hey hey hey…..We’re now officially accepting custom orders! I hope you’re as excited as we are. We have limited available spots, so if you have a design idea….Shoot us an email

Somewhere in between designing our New Fall 2016 collection (So EXCITED!!! can’t wait to share) and fulfilling orders, I had a chance to whip up a quick lil number.My friend Danielle is a professional dancer she’s  updating  her portfolio and wanted  a custom  leotard as one of her looks. We decided to go with hot pink (No like realllly bright hot pink) I was excited because I’ve NEVER made a leotard before….lol crazy right!!??  I think it turned out super cute. Just wanted to share #Dipitdownlow #Custom
*Ps….I’m always excited my friends/family reminds me daily…ha! 🙈

One of the main reasons I moved from Detroit to LA last December was because of limited resources in Detroit. I love my city but, as a fashion designer it’s really hard to prosper and grow in a city that doesn’t cater to your field of interest. There are three fabric stores in Detroit. I repeat THREE fabric stores. 1 is a chain store (JoAnn fabrics) and the other two are privately owned. In the beginning I wasn’t really bothered by the lack of resources  because I would go to thrift stores and buy vintage pieces and reconstruct them. Being a self-taught designer this was the perfect formula for the foundation and development of my design aesthetic. My pieces were unique, custom and 1 of a kind. It also taught me basic garment construction. But as I grew and evolved that no longer suited me…….Fastforward to life in LA.
I’m now able to go downtown to the Fashion/Garment district an area that has  nothing but fabric, fashion and more fabric, basically  anything  you need to make a design come to life! Being in the heart of the Fashion District will definitely expand your way of thinking….PERIOD!
I’ve learned that you must go where you can prosper, grow and ultimately put yourself in a position to win!
Now when I have a project my only problem is narrowing down my options.

Yesterday I found a zipper that perfectly matched a cobalt blue Cali Cape dress I’m making for a client. Simple find “BUT” I was able to find it…lol!
Today was a good day:) #Simplethingsmakemehappy 😆

Back like I never left

Hey there!
We welcome you to our super dope blog. It’s been a while since we’ve posted, so now it’s onnnnn!
Here is where we’ll  post all of our behind the scenes shenanigans 😋 projects, our creative process, and much much more. (Be sure to subscribe below to our blog email for NEW post updates)
We’re currently working on our FALL 2016 collection for RocknRemix! Check back to see our progress….Again thank you for checking out our UPDATED blog we will be sure to post updates often.
Yayyyyyy  we’re Excited!
Stay tuned…

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Chargrels GIVEAWAY!....Sharing the Love!

Santa is still in full effect, and were still in the Christmas/Holiday Spirit!

 Soooooooo we decided to do a Chargrels Couture giveaway of one of our #1 MOST POPULAR  TOP BESTSELLERS!!! 

The Custom designed Cosby Sweater!.....Yippie!!

Check it out at our Shop!

Cosby sweater

Custom Designed
Chargrels Couture
"Cosby Sweater"
No 2 are alike, All are 1 of a kind!

If you are chosen as our Contest winner
You will be able to Pre-Select your custom Cosby sweater per your selected color and size!

To Enter our 2014 Newyears Giveaway.
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The contest winner will be selected on:
Wednesday Jan 1,2014


Cosby Sweater

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Throwback interview (Circa 2007 )

Here's a #THROWBACK interview I did in 2007 with one of my FAVORITE Blogs (FLYGIRLBLOG )

Wow! Almost 7 years later....My thoughts and beliefs are pretty much the same, I have since then accomplished more than I could have ever imagined at that time... Looking back I'm so grateful for my tenacity, resilience and rebellious spirit and unwaivering belief in pushing my gift to the limit!
It was my 1st feature on a blog, and I  remember being so Xcited and kinda nervous..lol
I had just recently got a FLAGSHIP "CHARGRELS COUTURE" boutique in Eastpointe Michigan. So it was a very special time for me.

I'm so grateful and thankful for movement!
Chargrels Couture is still ROCKING OUT 7years Later!...Whoot Whoot!!

Check out My Throwback interview with Fashion Blogger: Andrea Pippins (FLYGIRLBLOG)

(Circa 2007)
Fly Girl of the Week
This week's fly girl is a fashion designer and boutique owner from the good old Motor City, Detroit, MI.
Who: Charketa,
Where: In this picture I'm in my first boutique. My decor is vintage themed. I'm from Detroit, MI born and raised, but I have definite plans to move in the near future. Not really sure where yet.
What do you do?I'm a fashion designer, I have a womens fashion line called CHARGRELS. All of the items I make are one of a kind. I use new and vintage materials, and I reconstruct vintage pieces.
What inspires you?GOD, my family, friends, colors, shapes, music. Inspiration comes unexpected. I'm also inspired by the thought of my future.
Why are you fly? I'm fly because I'm not afraid to be myself, to make mistakes, to say thank you, to ask how can I help. To share my connects and contacts. To hug a stranger. I'm not afraid to laugh at a corny joke, or at myself, to cry at a sad movie, to shout out "Hell to the Naw" (thanks Whitney) when something is not right. To just take each situation as it comes and deal with it accordingly. I'm Fly because I know that perfect does not exist and I don't try to create it. I'm fly just cause I am.
Advice: Ummm...where do I begin? I have a cluster of tid bit advice...Never let anyone create your world. Don't be afraid to ask for and to get what you want. Stop comparing yourself to her, she's comparing herself to you. Smile way to much, it warms the heart and opens the world up to you. Follow that little voice in your head, you hear it for a reason. Be a trendsetter, it hasn't been done yet because you have yet to do it! Be and look fly and push life to the

But the Dream remains the same!
Still FLY!