Tuesday, January 17, 2017

One of the main reasons I moved from Detroit to LA last December was because of limited resources in Detroit. I love my city but, as a fashion designer it’s really hard to prosper and grow in a city that doesn’t cater to your field of interest. There are three fabric stores in Detroit. I repeat THREE fabric stores. 1 is a chain store (JoAnn fabrics) and the other two are privately owned. In the beginning I wasn’t really bothered by the lack of resources  because I would go to thrift stores and buy vintage pieces and reconstruct them. Being a self-taught designer this was the perfect formula for the foundation and development of my design aesthetic. My pieces were unique, custom and 1 of a kind. It also taught me basic garment construction. But as I grew and evolved that no longer suited me…….Fastforward to life in LA.
I’m now able to go downtown to the Fashion/Garment district an area that has  nothing but fabric, fashion and more fabric, basically  anything  you need to make a design come to life! Being in the heart of the Fashion District will definitely expand your way of thinking….PERIOD!
I’ve learned that you must go where you can prosper, grow and ultimately put yourself in a position to win!
Now when I have a project my only problem is narrowing down my options.

Yesterday I found a zipper that perfectly matched a cobalt blue Cali Cape dress I’m making for a client. Simple find “BUT” I was able to find it…lol!
Today was a good day:) #Simplethingsmakemehappy 😆

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