Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fashion Re-filled!

I'm always excited when I receive a call from a Fashion stylist wanting  me to design a Custom piece for one of their clients or projects. 

This time the call was close to home because it was from a Native Detroit stylist by way of NEW York---------->Rosco Spears

Rosco  is a  Super Fly stylist who's personal style is SICK!...I Love Love the way she dresses......
She contacted me late one Tuesday evening stating she was styling Elle Varner  Cover shoot for Edge Magazine Dec 2012  in New York and needed something Black and edgy..(After I stopped screaming under my breathe, I was So EXCITED!!)) I had already thought of a Super fly design.

YES!! Time for Magic~

I knew for sure I wanted leather and ruffles and a form fitted I sketched and went over design ideas in my head...I had a clear concept of what I wanted....


Chargrels Custom design

Edge Magazine 2012

Elle Varner


I Love her Music! :)

Lucky lil me.


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