Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tyrese Is a Deep mAn! (love him)

There's an old saying.."Never judge a book by it's cover".That holds completely true for Actor/singer/songwriter and know AUTHOR Tyrese Gibson... I decided to do a write up on him because I initially LOVED his music, his voice and of Course all his ChocolateNESS (yes that's a word)...LOL!.Then I ran across him on Twitter and I soon discovered there was Wayyyyy more to him than meets the eyes,His tweets are Honest,Raw,hard hitting But also Positive,Motivating, and reassuring. He say's the things you think but are afraid to say, his energy and passion about living life to the fullest is infectious!...He challenges you go after your dreams with a relentless Drive, and  a unbreakable spirit! I really enjoy reading his tweets.
He also has a book coming out April 2011,"How to get out of your own way"...I can't wait to read it!

*Soooooo I just wanted to share my LOVE AFFAIR with Tyrese with you guys:)..He's taught me to Dig a little deeper within myself and to not just look at the cover of a book any more...To open the pages,You never know what's inside:))...Ok Now go check my boo out...hehe

"I SEE the invisible, I HEAR in silence, I CLIMB invisible stairs, it's called having faith in God with no points of reference."....Tyrese Gibson

Check out his blog: http://www.tyresesworld.blogspot.com/
Follow him on twitter: www.twitter.com/tyrese

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R.L.Entertainment said...

I totally agree with you I am also following him. His tweets bring me back to reality a lot! They also make me thankful for God's grace!

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