Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Moving and Grooving. ..

                               Keyshia Cole Rocking Chargrels

Life has a way of just happening.....

I've learned to just enjoy my journey and go with the flow of a great movement...So often we get  distracted by whats not happening that we over look the Movement and progress in front of us..... Small steps are great strides in the walk of life... There is NO rush.... When its your time ....its your time!.......Here are a few moments in my journey of the NOW!
I had the pleasure of Designing a few more Custom pieces for Keyshia Cole (insert scream here)
....She is OFFICIALLY a Chargrels Couture FLYGIRL!

Styled by:Olori Swank
Rock On!!! ▶

Keyshia Cole Soul train Awards 

Keyshia Cole Soul train Awards 

BIG JAMS Chicago 2012

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