Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Is coming!

As March is quickly approaching..That's a sure sign that Spring is upon us!...With all this Snow in Different States...My hometown(Detroit) Being 1 of them...It's had to tell that Sunshine is on it's way........


~That also means time to gear up for Chargrels Couture Spring/Summer Collection 2011......(it's gonna Be SICK!

Beautiful flowers make my heart :)

**ALSO!!!!..........I'm Looking for Trendsetting Women 2 Feature in my *New section called  Spotlight on a Trailblazer"I'm giving a much deserved Spotlight to Women that have Blazed their own trail...
In fashion,career, goals. or just thinking out side the box.... and living life their way!

If you know a women that you feel is a Trailblazer  submit your nomination !!!

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