Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I woke up today around 6am-7ish (when it's that early I dose off & wake back up)*lol
So lately, I've just been SoOooO xcited about how freely my creativity has been flowing.When that happens I know GOD is working.I can just be sitting at dinner,walking through the mall or even having a casual conversation and my mind takes flight,It's the weirdest most beautiful thing....No one else but be knows this but it's at that time I come up with some of my FLYEST pieces...As an artist we get inspired by life,people,shapes,colors or even Music...I believe that's one of the Main reason I keep a clear head,I have to leave room for my MAGIC 2 happen!

**Currently in the Design LaB----.mAking Magic!!

Stay tuned~

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