Monday, May 17, 2010

Dare to believe!

I ran across this Lil Motivational Gem "Dare to Believe" by:Beth Mende Conney while at one of my Fav places to recharge,reconnect,and be refreshed!..."The BOOK Store".. I can jus sit there for hours sipping on Capi,eating a blueberry muffin(my fav) all while skiming over pictures,reading headlines,paragrahs or sometimes whole Chapters...

*It has some very familiar positive affirmations by Maya Angelou,Dr Martin Luther King Jr,and even Mother Teresa.
I wanted to share this book with you,because it sparked a fire in Me.. Sometimes it only takes  just a litttttttttlllleee word or phrase to confirm what you already knew or needed to know!

*It's a Great book to carry with you or share with a friend:)!

Sharing is caring~

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