Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Discovering New options

So NOW it's Finally here.......Time to start creating in a NEW city,NEW design space,NEW energy,NEW supplies(fabrics,notions,needles,buttons..etc.,even NEW sewing machines)..I'm looking forward to a shift in my thinking and designing...

I recently went to the LA Garment District.....One word WOWZERS!!..lol
Completely over whelming... It's a designers heaven on earth. I actually went the 1st day I was here.My friend Tray took me,(she's awesome!) I was so getty,hyper and EXCITED she said "Ok so how long till this wears off" LOL!
It was more than I had expected,anything u think u want is there.In the process of me shopping,browsing the racks and taking it all in, I was thinking to myself , "Chargrels has officially been Upgraded!" My creative wheels were working overtime!...I had created my whole fall collection in my head before we had left the 1st store...Ha!

Afterwords we ate at this hip sportsbar called  BIGWANGS (garlic parmesan wings)..The Ultimate Yummy.. ;)

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