Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bet Hip Hop Awards Blazer

 Sooooooooooo in the midst of preparing for my Fall Collection,..I received a Call asking if I would be interested in dressing a couple of  trophy models  for the  BET Hip Hop awards!......Of Course I jumped at the opportunity!.....After hearing what Creative Direction they were going in, I immediately began to sketch out some designs....The theme for the show was Hip Hop Couture!...Right up my alleyyyyyy:)) hehe

Fitting on Mannequin

Before making my final decision, I glanced over at  my trash can which was  running over with  sketches that didn't make the cut. One of the abandoned designs was a Lady GaGA inspired blazer. It was adorned with OVERSIZE sleeves, shoulder pads, zippers, studs, chains, candy, christmas ornaments and all that jazz lol!..My creativity had took flight to a place far far away!.(lol)...So after coming back down to earth, I was Very pleased with My final design choice:

The Gelee Blk Blazer

Trophy Model T.Lee

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