Thursday, August 2, 2012

Designing for KC........Lucky Lil me.

As a designer I can find inspiration from almost anywhere. I swear I'll be walking down the street and see a colorful pallet in the flower shop and a light bulb will go off, my creative wheels will begin to roll.......It's the craziest most beautifulist (yes that's a word...My Word..LOL) thing ever. But one thing that inspires me more than anything else is MUSIC!
 From the time I wake up, until I  wind down for the evening music is my daily soundtrack. And one artist that I keep in heavy rotation is KEYSHIA COLE! OMG!  I have LOOVVEED and listened to her music since day one.
 From her first album The way it is, my favorite song was You changed (Singing) "You got doe and changedddddd" Ohhhweee!......Speakers on Full blast for sure! 
Next was Her Sophomore Album Just Like you with the Club Banger Let it goooooo!........Ok Ok Ok  and my all time PERSONAL FAVORITE ALBUM   A different me...That Whole Album  stayed on repeat!
 Through the years Keyshia has consistently made great Music:)

I knew Keyshia  had new projects in the works, I've seen the promo for her upcoming Reality show Family First On B.E.T, I heard her new Music with Lil Wayne  Enough of no love.

So when I received the call from Celebrity stylist OloriSwank at 5:30 am...*YES 5:30am Olori never sleeps..LOL!*
Stating that she was working With Keyshia  and wanted me  to design a Custom piece for her apperance on B.E.T 106 &Park that following week I was over the moon!

Yes it was Crunch time!
We quickly began to discuses concepts,designs and iron out the style direction we wanted to go in. 

The Process Begins!

Olori told me  Keyshia was in love with this black and white color pattern.. I was unable to find the material/pattern she wanted in any fabric store so I created it myself!.. ( Yes, That's what I do!...I Make ish happen!....ha!

                                                                Cut...Dyed....Rinsed...and sewed!

                 Final Look:

Black and white Custom Print Form fitted crop top/pencil skirt  with Over size Bow in the front...

Check her out!

I love fashion!!

This is truely one of the perks of being a fashion designer:)

 I am grateful and thankful for the opportunity I was given to design a custom piece for a person I've admired from a far!
I will continue to Blast KC on my radio with my favorite songs on repeat
and dance like no one is watching. :)



Here is the Video if you missed it!
B.E.T. 106&Park 

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