Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spotlight on a trailblazer (Vina Mills)

Were Soooooooo XCITED!!!!!!

Introducing our *NEW Feature...... "SPOTLIGHT On a TrailBlazer"!!

~Our 1st Trailblazer is  a Young lady that I've known for years....She is  a SUPER talented Singer who's on the Brink of Turning the Music World Upside down!!
I have had the pleasure of designing  many custom pieces for her Powerful/energetic..soulful performances...................... She's Chargrels #1 FLYGIRL

Vina Rock'n Chargrels Revolver shirt
Vina Mills~
 .What's your Nitch? I am an Artist
.What's your Mantra?(words you live by)My mantra is..."No weapon formed against me shall prosper"!

.What makes you a trailblazer? I think what makes me a trailblazer is doing what I genuinely feel....being BOLD in my own right with the way that I live and think, and not apologizing for it! Never being afraid of being me!

.Define your style.. It's often hard for me because I'm constantly growing as a women and as an artist.. I've realized, my style is growing with me.
I guess the best way to describe my style would be, Bold and beautiful, edgy yet glam! I  carry the balance of taking risks in fashion but not looking like I've lost my mind lmbo!!!!  Its that kind of thing.

.What's the Best advice you've ever received ? The best advice I've heard so far was from Music biz "guru" Jojo Brim, he once told me that, 'Nothing is  greater than your own truth"... those words taught me how to be myself. I've lived that way ever since.

Chargrels Dolly Du Party Dress

Chargrels Carter trench


What's Next for you? We're currently working on my brand,  the "Vina Mills Brand"   we have lots of great projects coming next year...I cant wait to further explain.....really exciting stuff!

.What trail would you like to leave behind? The trail I would like to leave behind is INSPIRATION. To teach people to live like they'll never wake up from their dream. (smiling) And  to be fearless in trusting God  while doing it.

Dec 2010!!! Vina Performing at the Music Hall In Detroit
Rock'n the *NEW Sassy Supreme Dress!
Available NOW!

Remember her name..................... VINA MILLS!!!

Chargrels Cosby Sweater

Check her out:

To Get the Items VINA is wearing...Visit us Online!

*If you know a women that you feel is a Trailblazer  submit your nomination !!!


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