Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New year 2011

 :::**Happy New Year 2011**:::

.May you walk in NEW levels of God's goodness and favor in 2011. The Best Is yet to come"
Joel Osteen~

This year I will LOVE more,Laugh More,Dream More,Believe More, and Be More:)... 2011.... #Thankful.

I'm really not one for New years resolutions, But one of the things I make a conscience effort to do is make a vision board.which of course I did! It's always a good thing to write out your goals/dreams and expectations for the coming year or just for your self!...I'm a firm believer in putting good energy in the universe.......Think it!...Say it!------->Do it!

One of the others things I said I will do for sure this year is ONLY ROCK CHARGRELS!!
Seems like that would  be a no brainer but, I get soooo consumed with building the brand, I forget to ROCK  the

I decided right before we went out for New years that the kick off for my wardrobe upgrade would start now!!!...So I cranked on the Sewing machine and made my New Years dress!!

I got tons of compliments:))

Epic dress Available now!

EPIC dress Available NOW!

Party Party Party!!

Good times!

*Happy New Year 2011

Njoy'n my Journey:)) #2011 is gonna be EPIC!!

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