Friday, January 21, 2011

SpotLight On a Trailblazer (EarCandy Couture)

ONE of My Favorite Features is ::::SPOTLIGHT on a Trailblazer::::
It's a Great way to showcase Women who are making moves shaking things up and Blazing a TRAIL!!....But what's equally important is what drives/motivates and inspires these Women!!

Next up..............Jimella Johnson! Designer of EarCandy Couture
I ran across her Sparkling Custom creations on Facebook,and was immediately a fan!..

Jimella design's were originally only created for family and friends,But it wasn't long before the word spread. NOW you can catch EarCandyCouture on some of your favorite celebrites such as:Kandi Burruss,Vivica Fox,Lisa raye,Trina,..Just to name a few.EarCandy Couture can also be spotted  in magazines and music videos.

Jimella Johnson,
Los Angeles, CA
Whats your Nitch (what do you do ?? Custom Jewelry designed with Swarovski Crystals  
Whats your mantra? (words you live by) If I have nothing to lose, then I have already lost.....
Whats the best advice someone has ever given you? If I push just a little bit more than what I  push for  yesterday then I've set a new goal for myself, and before I know it I'll be successful.
What makes you a trailblazer? I do things the way I want because I'm only one me. This is my life, and this is how God intended me to live it
 Define your style? Very trendy and fabulous
What's in the works? My team and I are always coming up with new ideas and products but whichever way God pulls ECC in the directions it'll follow
What Trail would you like to leave behind.??(for the next young person coming up?  There is a million ways to make money, and a million and one ways and to take care of yourself, but there is only one way to live your dream. I want to leave a trail that only leads to a persons dream and not a paycheck. The money is just a perk. the reward is within the dream.

Were Looking Forward to her Sparkling Future!!!..:)))))

Purple Rain-bow hoops
Kitty Couture Bamboos

Star spangled banner hoops

For more information or to purchase Earcandy Couture:


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