Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chargrels Your way!.. (custom orders)

  • Chargrels your way!!!!!!
One of the delights of designing is being able to bring someone's style idea to life.

  • That dress idea you've had in your head for the longest.
  • The perfect skirt designed to go with those hard to match stilettos
  • A little tight mini made in your fav color with A Super dope Blazer!
  • Or Maybe your Birthday/Or special event  is coming up and you need to be a SHOWSTOPPER!!!!
  • .........................WHATEVA Design dilemma or idea you have...Let's make it happen!

 Here are a Few Custom Orders:)))...Fun Fun!

Kandis Det/Mich


Chanel Cincinnati/Ohio

Vina Mills Atlanta/Georgia

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