Friday, January 28, 2011

Revisit Greatness

                                 ***^^^^Revisit Greatness****^^^^

From time to time............I Like to bring back Classic Chargrels timeless pieces....Kinda like Lightning in a bottle....Catch it while u can!....hehe:)

I also added 2 NEW categories online.
*1. ***PARTY DRESSES*** Now you can Be a Showstopper on your Special day or just ROCK the House enjoying a night out on the town!
You can order these dresses is ANYYYYYYYY color (how cool is that?!:)

Dolly Du Party Dress

Amber Lynn Dress Available now!
 2. *And The Cute Ugly dress!.(I LOVE THAT NAME:)).This dress is for the Flychica that Loves patterns,flowers,textures,and Busy colorful prints NO 2 COLORS/PATTERNS WILL BE ALIKE! *will be available in all different colors...yayyyyyyy!!! can Pre-Order Now!)

The Cute Ugly dress Pre-Order NOW!

Also check out our ITEM OF THE WEEK!!!

The Grasshopper Sweatshirt dress....
YEP! made from sweatshirts :)))
Grasshopper sweatshirt dress Available now!

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