Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Spring/Summer Collection 2011

My Inspiration for this Collection was Simplicity!.... I wanted to do sleek,clean. ready to wear pieces... But BuT BUT.... I had to add that Chargrels TWiST to them!...  So I began with a simple well fitted sweatshirt with front pockets,... and a Back that will Most Definitely turn heads:) 

Reckless Ruffle Sweatshirt

This is Chargrels Version of a sweatsuit!...LOL!

My Next Favorite Look Is the Riley Romper... This 1pc Romper is Colorful and FUN! It has a sweetheart neckline side seam pockets and Full Over size shorts that gather in the front. When I first saw this material 3months ago I said.."This is going to be the inspirational color pattern for the Spring Collection"!...I loveeeee it:)

Riley Romper

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LoooOOOve this Blazer....#Thatisall

The Britain Blazer

I've never designed  a jumpsuit before.So I figured this was the perfect time. I wanted it to be Semi casual  But alllllll the way FUNky! I knew for sure I wanted to go with a Solid color, I was torn between white, turquoise and Hot pink, as you can see Turquoise won!..lol:)

Jillie Jumper

Jillie Jumper

Once I had my color palette and direction set I was on a roll!..The others Pieces just started to FLOOOOOOoooooooow... Short Mini's... Loose breezy T-Shirt Dresses...... Full Flowy skirts and a Long dress Bright enough 2 shine anywhere!....The Collection was Complete:)


Milly MOVEment skirt Xena shirt
Milly MOVEment skirt and Xena shirt 

Buzy Lil Me Dress

Ozzie tank top Fauna Full skirt

Brightlights Summer Dress

DellaDollyT-Shirt dress

 The SPRING/SUMMER Collection can Be Ordered NOW!!!

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