Monday, January 21, 2013

These are the Times.....

I recently had an opportunity to provide wardrobe for a photo shoot in  Metro Times (Detroit)

Metro Times is a weekly publication that highlights the who's, where's and the what's in Metro Detroit From Music to Fashion and everything in between.
This is my 2nd time gracing the pages of Metro Times....*Lucky Lil me:)
And For this go round, fashion stylist Cerrae E.Styles pulled pieces for Talented singer/poet  Jessica Care Moore.

Her style is Colorful...Fun..and Funky

.She is Most Definitely a Chargrels Flygirl!


Jessica Care Moore
Rocking Chargrels Custom Blazer and dress
Jessica Care Moore
Chargrels Cosby Sweater
Jessica Care Moore
Rocking Chargrels Blazer and dress
Jessica Care Moore 
Rocking Chargrels Cosby sweater

Read the complete Article here. 

For more info on this Talented singer/Poet
 Check her out

I love these pic's ...Such a Fun shoot!


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