Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can!! (OBAMA)

YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO overwhelmed. This is a great Day in our History!
The First Black President...... No more excuses! Dream BIGGGG.. Make it happen "The sky is the limit"....

I also wanna add that I will Have a New section called "Spotlight on a trailblazer"
It will give much deserved attention to a fashionista that has Blazed her own trail...
with: fashion,career, goals. or just thinking out side the box.... and living life her way!

If you know a Young lady that you feel is a TrailBlazer submit your Nomination to

Check out our NEW items of the week!


Brookylndiva said...

Barack Obama!....Yes we did!

I love your clothes, and will be sure to visit your New Blog often... That item of the week is fiyah.

Tricia P. said...

The First Black President!!!
This is History.

Tray Washington said...

We have definitely made history this week in the United States. It was clear to me that Obama would win after the win in Iowa at the primaries. You can't stop a movement!!!!

Hopefully this country gets back on it's feet economically.

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