Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Peeping out the scene.........

Me and the Silver man in Santa Monica
This Labor Day weekend I decided to relax,do a little shopping and hangout...

My friend Tray showed me around town, First Stop----->3rd St & Promenade In Santa Monica.The shopping there is epic!..they have tons of stores, a super large shopping mall that spills out onto the street,Live talent,and a Silver man that comes alive like a robot once you drop a 1$ in his tip can...2funny!..lol...Later that night, we hung out at Crown Nightclub,*fun dancing,*fun laughing,*FUN,*FuN,*fun~

Relax'n in da pool:)
The Next day ----->BBQ....,swimming,relaxing and chillin......Good food,Good people,...GREAT time!

The Following Day,----->We headed to the Grove(simply beautiful) the ambiance is mellow and serene...It reminds u of a small hideaway, with brick streets filled with small quaint boutiques,high end stores,and Loads of street vendors, There's also a  little train that circles the grounds loaded with energetic onlookers.....Taking a break from shopping we grabbed a bite to eat at the Cheesecake factory (turkey burger w/salad.......Yummy:) Before leaving the Grove we headed to the movies to see Takers!..I FINALLY had a chance to see my boo (Idris Elba)..Ohhh weeee!)..AweSome Movie!

So all and all I had a FAB Labor day weekend!.... relaxing..,discovering and lov'n Idris Elba...yayyyy me! :-)
Me at The Grove

Tray at the Grove
Me and Tray at the Cheesecake Factory
Me (ok what is this lil girl doing??..lol)

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