Monday, March 7, 2011

Fashion show Designer meeting/Model casting

The Fashion show is in Full Swing:)
We had our 1st Designer/Model Casting Meeting, I enjoyed myself, the staff and other Designers were all super cool and had Great energy:) The Models were working it!..They all had mean walks!
I had a few favorites, I usually like the Models with attitude!..Not really a fan of the happy smiley face,Not while your Ripp'n the runway...LOL!...#Workit!

Me arriving at the meeting


Me, Chan andTim (The Other Super Talented designers)

Choosing Models

Designers Row

Taking pic's of the Models

Looking at  Models portfolio's

I'ma Silly Rabbit!

I can't wait till the next model Casting & Fittings, Funtimes ahead..............................

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