Saturday, April 30, 2011

DawnRichards From PDiddy's Dirty Money Rock'n Chargrels!

I recently received a Call From my friend the UBER Talented Atlanta Based Fashion Stylist .OloriSwank ,Stating that she just booked a Photoshoot with PDiddy's DirtyMoney  Lead Singer and Former Danity Kane Member DawnRichards, and she wanted Chargrels Couture to be a Part of it!!....So After I picked the phone back up..(LOL!) We then began to discuss the looks she wanted.
After looking over the Spring Collection  She Loved the Buzy Lil Me dress And Also wanted a Custom Blazer made...Right up my alley Whoot Whoot!!

I was So Xcited to be apart of Such a GREAT Project:))
I LoooOOVED all the looks! My *Favorite was the White Top  strong Shoulders paired with the leopard Leotard  (DOPE!)

Dawn is Currently Killen the Stages Rock'n  PDiddy's Dirty Money Crew Coming Home Tour...You Go GIRL!!!

(Check out these Behind the scenes Pictures/Video)

DawnRichards Rockn Chargrels Custom Made Blazer

OloriSwank Styling Dawn

Dawn Rockn The  Buzy Lil Me Dress

Check out Chargrels Couture (1st look 3:54 Mark)  (2nd look 5:05 Mark)

Swank Consulting Presents...Dawn Richard (Dirty Money) from Alexander Hooper on Vimeo.

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F.a.Ellis said...

Congrats!...and the look is fierce!

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