Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inspiration Behind The Designs...F/W 2011

 Fall/Winter is one of my Favorite seasons......Yayyyyy!
I initially was going  to design a traditional Collection....But I opted to design a ready to wear collection instead. I received SOOoo Many emails, Fb messages,tweets etc asking when I was going to have NEW pieces available...SO I knew a ready to wear collection for the Fall/Winter was a no brainier......

Vito Vest


My 1st Design was the Vito Vest
This item has been brought back from a previous collection...My bestfriend has at least 1 piece or more from every Collection I have ever done, So when she pulled out her Vito Vest I knew I had to bring it back....I'm So happy I did:)!

The Penni Plaid buttonup...I love to wear comfy shirts with my jeans,skirts and leggings so I wanted to design a shirt that was a showstopper but still traditional and simple...Ok Ok maybe not so simple but VERY Comfy!...LOL :)

The back is out BUT..I added a stretch band for coverage and fit.

Who wants to wear a Basic Button up????........WE DON'T

Penni Buttonup

             The Cosby sweater is one of our BEST SELLERS!
It will be your favorite sweater to just throw on and GOOOoooo
(1 of a kind)
                                                                    The Olivia dress

(The Olivia is also Our "ITEM OF THE WEEK")

From the Spirit of the Cosby sweater a little Cutie pie dress name "Olivia" was born:)
Form Fitted figure flattering...Yet as comfy as your favorite sweater.

These are all 1 of a kind No 2 are alike:)

The Ava Dress

 I'm Loving This season's Below the knee trend! I couldn't wait to get started on The Ava dress, I knew I wanted a colorful pattern with an amazing fit!
If your not  a fan of this season's trend, and your more of a Mini girl...We have you covered...You can order this dress as a mini or just a little bit above the knee (more colors will be added)
For a touch of sass we added a hole thur the thumb for the Rebel in you~

The Gia Honey dress
If Fashion is your Business this is the dress for you..... It's Chargrels Couture Take on
Casual Friday Meets /Happy hour!...LOL!
Comes with removable collar.
 Available in selected color's (Rose color pictured) white,blk,blue,red,purple,rust,etc...
Black stretch knit bottom is standard on all dresses

Gia Honey dress

The Laundry Days shirt.
Structured Blazer style collar, Over size sleeve and a Open Back is what makes this shirt a Must have!
It's designed to have a  loose form fitted short front, with a draping longer tail in the back
The sleeves are long and fit at the wrist BUT In true Chargrels Fashion..There's a TWIST!..lol ..You can pull the sleeves up and it transforms into a crop sleeve shirt as well!..
#Ohh yeah!

Laundry dayz Shirt

Be sure to grab your favorite Piece!

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