Thursday, January 5, 2012

  ::::SPOTLIGHT on a Trailblazer::::

 Our first trailblazer for 2012 is a Los Angeles Based Creative Writer and one of my closest friends Tray Hayslett. I have been knowing her for years (Detroit native) 

 As a Creative writer Tray is always finding unique ways to express herself  and perfect her craft, Whether she's proofreading a script,writing an independent film, or updating her self titled Blog: According to Tray where she talks about everything under the sun...From Politics, health, beauty, Movies or films (OMG! she is the ultimate Movie buff, before I go see a movie it's a MUST I call her to get her reviews!!
She is grounded, well rounded and One of the funniest people I know!
I'm so excited to feature her and give a Much deserved spotlight on:
                         "Life According to Tray!"

 What's your Nitch? I am a Creative Writer

What's your Mantra?(words you live by)  I don't want anything or anyone that doesn't want me.

What makes you a trailblazer? I think that my versatility makes me unique. I am a woman who enjoys listening to mozart - Lil Wayne, eating fried chicken- smoked salmon as a snack, Going to a hip-hop club then ending the night at a Cuban Burlesque club. I love humor and to make people laugh, but I also enjoy serious debates. Basically I believe in enjoying everything positive that life has to offer. I can converse about urban life, politics, and literature because, I am a scholar.

Define your writing style.. If you're a versatile person you have to first know and understand yourself. When I began writing I would always write according to what I read or what I thought the instructor expected of me. Becoming comfortable with who I am as a person and adapting the way I verbally tell a story on to paper helped me find my own writing style. Discovering your own writing style is like having your first orgasm. Learning that style allowed me to be able to write about anything, food, politics, fashion etc. I analyze my writing like I analyze my clothes. I like to look good and I like my writing to look good. Simple, fly girls create their own style.

What's the Best advice you've ever received ?The best advice that I ever received from someone is "be careful who you share your dreams with". For everyone does not have your best interest at heart.

What trail would you like to leave behind? My goal as a writer is to not only express my vision of the world as I see it, but to also entertain and be informative to my audience. After reading my work I want the reader to gain some knowledge, smile or laugh.

                 To find out more about life "According to Tray" Check out her

               *PS Be sure to keep your eyes on Tray she has BIG Things in the Works for 2012!

If you know a woman that you feel is a Trailblazer submit your nomination !!!

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